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Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey Announce Speakers for Lincoln Dinner

Official release by the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey

Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey Announce Speakers for Lincoln Dinner in Hudson County on March 6th

The Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey announced the speakers for the Hudson County Lincoln Dinner on Saturday, March 6th from 5-9pm at The Factory (451 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City, 07304).

The speakers will include Matthew Castaneda, Northeast Deputy Regional Director at Young Americans for Liberty; Billy Prempeh, founder and President of Revive America; Eric Arpert, Campaign Manager for Jack Ciattarelli for Governor; and Pastor Phillip Rizzo, candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Read More...


Sign of the Times: Hoboken Transformer Crashes & Burns

Last night, an uptown Hoboken transformer flamed out and came crashing to the ground on the south side of Hudson and 11th Street.

The transformer ebbed a red glow with smoke oozing out as PSE&G with Hoboken Police came on the scene within minutes of the crash.

In less than an hour, two PSE&G trucks were on the scene and elevated above the wires making repairs. Residents affected were mostly back up with power in under an hour.

The following morning another transformer blew uptown on upper Park Avenue. Read More...


Two Minute Hate Warning: Trump – Brady Super Bowl Victory

As George Orwell warned, the upside down society where the two minute hate pronounced by a mob in 1984 arrived in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom Brady, he of the locker-housed MAGA hat arrived sans face mask in the free state of Florida where science has won and the containment of the Chinese Communist Virus vastly surpasses the failed states of New York and New Jersey. A brave Brady breathing air freely caused much gnashing of tech among the woke revolutionaries who assume the mantle of woke goodness for everyone else (no matter the science). Read More...


Top proven pollster looks at The Lincoln Pedophilic Project, GameStop and Fake Polls

An examination of the stinking pile growing under the Beijing Xiden globalist administration with insights into the Weinstein type widely-known behavior emanating out of the Lincoln Project founder tied to grooming boys as young as 14 years old.

This show is broadcast live with host Richard Baris, the People’s Pundit and defense counsel Robert Barnes, who is a well-known political pundit.


Honeymoon over: The Biden-Harris-Obama war on Americans

The biggest winner under the Xiden Administration in less than a week is…. Communist China.

Many Americans are in shock as thousands of lost jobs is seeing families disrupted, unions are furious and seeing their calls ignored or told to call back “later” and the State of New Mexico is crying poverty as they see their important energy industry being destroyed almost overnight. Destroying American energy independence, a monumental achievement under President Trump must be stopped. So sayeth the globalists and Obamunists. Read More...


Turnout next to nil for the Election Theft 2020 outcome

Biggest turnout today was the soldiers brought in making DC look like a military junta installation.

There was more US military present than in Afghanistan and the entire Middle East. The fear was palpable as they know very well they are frauds. And they know that Americans know.

25,000 military were present with next to no one else for the puppets and their puppeteers.


Breaking the working man on MLK Day in the shadow of evil

In recent years, it was a shock to learn that to actually follow and apply the laws of immigration led to an amazing and positive impact on American citizens, especially minorities.

For the first time since this data was tabulated, the unemployment rates for all minorities dropped to ALL TIME RECORD LOWS.

Now, the plans are underway to undo this amazing advance for minorities as those who ripped away election integrity and look to complete Election Theft 2020 plan to dump 20 million illegal aliens on to the citizen rolls around the US. Read More...


Antifa & BLM Marxist leader arrested for role in DC riot at Capitol

John Sullivan, a self-declared leader of the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and Antifa was arrested yesterday by the FBI for his role in the riots on January 6th at the Capitol. 

Sullivan filmed events including the shooting of an unarmed woman and Air Force veteran and is heard exhorting violence saying among other incriminating statements “let’s burn this shit down”

Utah BLM Marxist leader and Antifa activist John Sullivan who promotes “revolution” seen in this
mug shot from an earlier arrest in 2020 at another event where a man was shot.

Much of the US media has pushed a narrative the rioting was caused by President Trump’s remarks at a rally at noon but his remarks urging peaceful protests to follow his speech don’t match the timeline of actual events. People at the Capitol report protestors had assembled more than a mile away before his speech had ended.  The same media had similarly concluded Antifa was not participating in the riot but other witnesses and video suggests they led the violence planted in the front and like John Sullivan donned Trump paraphernalia to blend in.

Subsequently, some of those who participated in the riots planned to force entry into the building prior to the day as seen on Facebook and other internet message boards. Those people who numbered approximately several hundred were dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands who came and protested peacefully at the event. Read More...


President Trump speaks against political violence yet again

It must be lonely at the top when you publicly make a call for peaceful protesting a week ago and find yourself being attacked by rabid Democrats but President Trump appears used to it.

Earlier Wednesday in a national address released by the White House, President Trump decried political violence and again urged Americans of all political persuasions to refrain from violence.

This as his call at a rally before hundreds of thousands of Americans attending a DC rally for voting integrity  a week earlier led to a Nancy Pelosi directed impeachment vote today with zero due process, zero hearings and a never-before-seen in US history same-day afternoon impeachment. Read More...


‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’

What you heard yesterday you did not hear. 

Listen to those who tell you what to hear.

How come they tell you what was said, but don’t show you the person who they claim said it?

Talking Ed Note: This is the most dangerous time in living memory in the United States. The Constitution is being trampled, another sham impeachment is railroading its way forward and the First Amendment is under a massive coordinated assault by Big Tech oligarchs coordinated with the Democrat Party.

Yet, so many people are so completely brainwashed; they will argue with you over what was never said and claim it was. Words spoken nearly yesterday. Read More...