Two Minute Hate Warning: Trump – Brady Super Bowl Victory

As George Orwell warned, the upside down society where the two minute hate pronounced by a mob in 1984 arrived in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom Brady, he of the locker-housed MAGA hat arrived sans face mask in the free state of Florida where science has won and the containment of the Chinese Communist Virus vastly surpasses the failed states of New York and New Jersey. A brave Brady breathing air freely caused much gnashing of tech among the woke revolutionaries who assume the mantle of woke goodness for everyone else (no matter the science).

Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs, in full pirate regalia crushed the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. What made it worse for the wokesters is Brady beat a quarterback who is half-white during Black History month. If this sounds insane to you, you possibly have a modicum of common sense left fending off the determination of goodness based on melanin pigment.

Further irony, a foreigner riffed about American football and ridiculed the Fascist Left. This foreigner however isn’t inside the United States illegally with a rape and assault record crossing the border in the Beijing Biden free for all Open Borders pandemic rush to entry. If he was and came in illegally, he’d be part of the illegal alien protected class inside American. No deportation allowed. Oh, and the woke cages are back in business in the Obama cages for kids again.

One could go on all day every day with the destruction of America by the puppet masters pulling the strings of their senile puppet Joe Biden, the continuous and daily destruction of American jobs, the Constitution and the totalitarian effort to criminalize any and all political dissent by foisting yet another sham impeachment on the American people.

The Democrats don’t deserve all that love and attention. Better to organize and fight the repression, their censorshing loving Oligarch Big Tech allies and their beloved ChiComs who’s motto, “Slavery is Freedom” is their ultimate plan for Americans under one party rule. See the anti-Twitter freedom at GITMO.Life.

After Election Theft 2020, one of the top sought Democrat priorities is to work with their election cabal who undermined democracy in actions they have confessed to calling in their doublespeak “fortified.” Yes, Ignorance is Strength and their Red Guard is on the march. Their BLM Marxists allies are back out doing what they like best, terrorizing diners and screaming if they don’t get their way they will “burn it down” in DC. Where are the thousands of National Guard when you need them in your military junta capital?

Just another day in the Woke Regressive Land of Amerika.

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  1. Now we have to thank Donald Trump for the vaccine. He has made great contributions to the current COVID-19 vaccination campaign

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