Breaking the working man on MLK Day in the shadow of evil

In recent years, it was a shock to learn that to actually follow and apply the laws of immigration led to an amazing and positive impact on American citizens, especially minorities.

For the first time since this data was tabulated, the unemployment rates for all minorities dropped to ALL TIME RECORD LOWS.

Now, the plans are underway to undo this amazing advance for minorities as those who ripped away election integrity and look to complete Election Theft 2020 plan to dump 20 million illegal aliens on to the citizen rolls around the US.

This is being planned as part of a plan to further entrench political power AGAINST the American people, to literally cast an unbearable weight on them for jobs and opportunity and create downward pressure on wages, not unlike the slave labor scenarios in Communist China.

Many might add, such plans are bonafide, demonstrable examples of racism

The people who will be hurt most by such a craven political action are working people. Of this group, it will be minorities harmed most.

Happy MLK Day!

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