Honeymoon over: The Biden-Harris-Obama war on Americans

The biggest winner under the Xiden Administration in less than a week is…. Communist China.

Many Americans are in shock as thousands of lost jobs is seeing families disrupted, unions are furious and seeing their calls ignored or told to call back “later” and the State of New Mexico is crying poverty as they see their important energy industry being destroyed almost overnight. Destroying American energy independence, a monumental achievement under President Trump must be stopped. So sayeth the globalists and Obamunists.

Feeling the unity with oligarch Big Tech censorship? Puppet Xiden is apparently looking to get the same censorship support enacted inside Communist China here.

Then there’s the another sham impeachment lining up to stave off what The Swamp fears most: President Trump. They are fearful his public policies revealing them as incompetent, corrupt and worse may return with him leading the charge.

Constitutional scholars like even well known Democrats such as Dr. Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz point out the folly in a ridiculous second impeachment trampling the Constitution six times alone in the House and note there’s no legality in conducting a trial in the US Senate.

The derangement and power mad grab is on full display. Washington DC is being kept a barb-wired troop encircled protection force for the Election Theft 2020 installation.

IF that’s not enough to wake up so many fools who bit down hard on the Xiden-Obama-Harris propaganda leading into the 2020 election; there’s ole ChiCom Joe admitting he has no plan to alter the trajectory of the Chinese Communist Party months into the future.

It’s yet another tacit admission that all the Xiden Administration can do is to continue rolling out Operation Warp Speed’s vaccines as delivered in record time by President Trump.

Talking Ed Note: You mean derangement and selling out America to Communist China is bad? Hunter doesn’t think so and neither do the Obamunists and globalist oligarchs.

What’s the point of Election Theft 2020 if you’re not going to cash in and seize more power?

Did you know that on day one, US military forces were crossing back into Syria? Well, you do now.

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