Antifa & BLM Marxist leader arrested for role in DC riot at Capitol

John Sullivan, a self-declared leader of the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and Antifa was arrested yesterday by the FBI for his role in the riots on January 6th at the Capitol. 

Sullivan filmed events including the shooting of an unarmed woman and Air Force veteran and is heard exhorting violence saying among other incriminating statements “let’s burn this shit down”

Utah BLM Marxist leader and Antifa activist John Sullivan who promotes “revolution” seen in this
mug shot from an earlier arrest in 2020 at another event where a man was shot.

Much of the US media has pushed a narrative the rioting was caused by President Trump’s remarks at a rally at noon but his remarks urging peaceful protests to follow his speech don’t match the timeline of actual events. People at the Capitol report protestors had assembled more than a mile away before his speech had ended. 

The same media had similarly concluded Antifa was not participating in the riot but other witnesses and video suggests they led the violence planted in the front and like John Sullivan donned Trump paraphernalia to blend in.

Subsequently, some of those who participated in the riots planned to force entry into the building prior to the day as seen on Facebook and other internet message boards. Those people who numbered approximately several hundred were dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands who came and protested peacefully at the event.

Sullivan however was recording and is seen with a CNN reporter, Jade Sacker celebrating their “success” at the riot. Among the recorded remarks Sullivan says to the embedded CNN reporter:

“….we’re going to burn this shit down,” Sullivan brags to his tape. “Let’s go. This shit is ours. Fuck yeah. We accomplished this shit. We did this shit together.” 

In addition, Sullivan with CNN reporter Jade who has also worked for NPR, NBC and other left wing media outlets admits to breaking a smashed window inside the Capitol and is heard saying, “Fuck the blue! Fuck the blue!.”

Sullivan was earlier questioned by the FBI and released but his brother turned him in and considers him part of a group of hundreds involved in planning to infiltrate the protest at the Capitol. The tapes made by Sullivan are now in the hands of law enforcement. Although he told the CNN reporter he would delete incriminating portions, he failed to do so.

It’s not clear if the video showing the CNN reporter embedded with a BLM/Antifa member will see law enforcement action. Jade is heard celebrating the riot taking credit with Sullivan exclaiming, “We did it!”

YouTube censored an earlier complete video but the NY Post has published a small segment of it. Federal law enforcement also maintains a complete copy.

Although an edited version has been removed, YouTube has apparently forgotten to remove John Sullivan’s original video where he’s seen exhorting violence leading to the killing of Ashli Babbitt.

Google won’t allow the video to be shared. You have to go to YouTube and approve viewing there.

John Sullivan with CNN Reporter inside the Capitol, “Let’s burn this shit down,” can be heard past the 4:27 mark. 

The complete federal criminal complaint is available at the link:

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