Mayor Zimmer Again Endorses Kids First

In yet another upcoming titanic struggle of public women in Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has again come out in support of Kids First, (see below) taking on the insurgent upstart Maureen First re: Real Results slate.  Or is this really a repeat of Dawn Zimmer vs. Nathan Brinkman?

In an email release this morning, Mayor Zimmer stakes her proven vote getting power to its first electoral test since the November election where her grass roots operation of volunteers delivered a 20% blowout victory.  Many people attributed a good part of that victory to her early endorsement of Kids First last year – laying the groundwork for a revolution in Hoboken’s election scene.

This Sunday at noon will be somewhat different.  Mayor Zimmer and Kids First are no longer the outsiders fighting to get a seat at the table.  Now they are the change agents reaching out to Hoboken voters saying, let’s do it again.  Will they and who else in the political class will come out publicly backing their BoE vision?

Last year, Frank Raia was stunned at his defeat, months later defending his BoE spendthrift record to anyone who would listen.  This time he’s back to avenge not one but two losses.  After the defeat at the hands of Kids First, Frank managed a superb mayoral race later in the year but produced only a second tier result, vying for second and third place with Councilwoman Beth Mason.

So is this a sequel of Kids First vs. Frank Raia and the spend for our friends Machine plan or is it Zimmer for Change vs. Maureen First?  Some people may argue it’s Dawn Zimmer vs. Nathan Brinkman again.

Brinkman has played a central role in Maureen Sullivan’s efforts in creating the first timer Real Results slate.  He’s delivered both its candidates and platform in recent days and shares many similarities to the campaign he ran in November: issue focused, ideologically pure, and distinctly disconnected from any of the present day issues on the ground in Hoboken.  In addition, MSV has been hearing none of the Real Results candidates has a child in the Hoboken school system paralleling their unseen and invisible leader, Maureen Sullivan who pulled her children out of the Hoboken school system.

So how does this race appear to be shaping up?  Surely we’ll be hearing more of this neighborly chatter between now and Sunday.  In the words of the new Gov. Chris Christie, “Change is coming.”  But here in Hoboken, Change has already arrived.

Let the games begin!

Update: Nathan Brinkman submitted a correction that Liz Markevitch has a daughter in Elysian Charter School.  What MSV heard was incorrect and apologizes for the error.

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