Guest of the Stable: Nathan Brinkman

“I read with interest your latest piece on Mayor Zimmer’s endorsement of Kids First.  

“Although you are certainly free to state your contrary opinion, I wanted to make clear that I don’t personally view this race as ‘Zimmer vs. Brinkman.’  I can assure you that my own support of the ‘Real Results’ slate is in no way related to my assessment of the Zimmer administration’s performance to date. 

“While I appreciate that you’ve characterized my past campaign as ‘issues focused,’ I’m not sure why you’ve maintained that it was ‘disconnected’ from the day-to-day issues facing our city.  My campaign focused primarily on downsizing government, cutting taxes, and implementing sweeping fiscal transparency measures.  In light of our city’s fiscal crisis, which culminated in a state takeover and massive property tax hikes, I’d say that’s precisely what the doctor ordered.  

“Likewise, ‘Real Results’ has thus far advocated higher standards, fiscal discipline, and open, transparent decision-making–priorities that are hardly ‘disconnected’ from the day-to-day realities of our school district.  In addition, they’ve recently shared their views on the superintendent hiring process–the most crucial task that will face the board after the election.

“Finally, I’d like to point out that Liz Markevitch has a daughter in Elysian Charter School, and that she will attend Hoboken High this fall.  Two candidates–Forsman and Tucker–are married (not to each other!), and are planning to raise their respective families here.  One candidate (Lin) is not married, and has no children.  He is a taxpayer, however, with a deep interest in the welfare of his community.

“All that said, I am not of the view that one must have a child in the district (or plan to have one) in order to serve effectively.  I personally evaluate candidates according to their qualifications, overall philosophy, and positions on specific issues.  I am confident that voters–most of whom don’t have children enrolled in the district’s schools–feel the same way.”

If you would like to submit a piece as a “Guest of the Stable” please send us your topic, along with 1000 words or less and a photo. The “Guest of the Stable” series is unedited and is a direct voice to the Hoboken community.  Nathan Brinkman’s submission was original a personal note then converted for this post.

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