Wot again!? Yup, City Council denouement @ 7:00

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Yes boys and girls, it’s that time. At 7:00 the Hoboken City Council follies will commence and already the worst is being expected of the Hoboken Sopranos.  Da Horsey is mighty tired from the election and the blow out party Reform hosted at the Village Pourhouse.

For those of you who are not as exhausted, well here’s the agenda.  Some people are already talking as if it’s a given the ugly attack on Councilwoman Jen Giattino and her family who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy will continue.

At the previous meeting, Democratic Committeeman Joe Branco feigned concern in public portion and then went laser like asking if the councilwoman had approval “in a resolution” to move out of her home destroyed in the hurricane and move uptown while it’s being repaired.  (This roused Beth Mason from a coma, she hasn’t been seen so excited in months.)

Although the Giattino family plans to be back full time in their home in time for Christmas, the Hoboken Sopranos are said by some to be ready, eager and willing to launch another ugly lawsuit – this time seeking to take away another council seat from the victors of reform as the public reaffirmed the mayor’s decision to see Jim Doyle in his rightful place as a councilman.

If so, this will be the ugliest lawsuit yet, courtesy of course of the Mason family.  Beth Mason’s long time political operatives were seen taking photos on a recent Saturday outside the Giattino’s home and the wife in this “Hoboken couple” sought information on the permits via OPRA requests.

MSV chooses not to say more because hey, they are just a “Hoboken couple” as the Hudson Reporter would say, not long time hardcore (and bitter) Masonistas.  Just another innocent Hoboken couple doing an ugly deed for maybe the most disliked person in Hoboken government and perhaps the city itself.

Here’s tonight’s agenda:

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