520 Jefferson St – payoffs for votes?


Published originally at full gallop on the back streets of Hoboken.

Crowd of almost two dozen, all minority residents at the Raia civic.
Someone who looked like Jamie Cryan arrived on scene went inside.

Crowd is waiting, going in one on one as if they are meeting “the Godfather.”

The game plan apparently is for each individual to be brought in and told to sign an affidavit saying they worked for the campaign as was similarly stated by the 2010 Communications Manager for the Tim Occhipinti campaign David Cruz.

The payments were suited as he said for going out and “talking up the candidate.”  They didn’t talk Timmy up too well in 2013 as he finished dead last in the fourth ward where all these mysterious campaigners never showed on the streets.

One reliable source who did campaign much of the day in the fourth ward stated there was a total of seven people seen out working on the Tim Occhipinti campaign.

How many hundreds of people will be paid for their “campaign work” out of the Hoboken Housing Authority? Tonight, MSV spoke to some residents who were “visiting” the locale of 520 Jefferson and explained a little about Operation Bounty.

One pleasant young lady who refused to give her name but said she could be addressed by the pseudonym “Charlene” when asked what the line was for admitted she knew.  When asked if it was for payment for votes, she said yes.

She appeared to be awaiting others in line and was sitting on a stoop resting as they took care of business.  She learned a bit about Operation Bounty and seemed surprised to learn of the reward.

Asked if she was aware Department of Justice investigators were in the Hoboken Housing Authority this week, she answered politely “yes.”

Work of benevolent humanitarians inside 520 Jefferson Street?  A stream of what appeared to be mostly African-American
HHA residents were lined up and awaiting their turn with “the godfather” inside.  It’s unclear who the people were inside although one person was seen going in.  Some asked why the pictures were taken.  MSV told them “Operation Bounty.”

Talking Ed Note: This virus must be excised from the community.  Hoboken deserves better.

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