Ballot Question #1 – a “NO” awaiting provisionals

Breaking: Several hundred provisionals to be evaluated and counted Friday.

The new tallies according to some informed sources indicate the Rent Control Question looks to have reversed into a “yes” NO! with 80  99 votes ahead awaiting provisional ballots.

It’s not clear how many provisionals are outstanding but it will take a couple of days to verify each.

Correction: MSV had this reversed and yes it’s been going back and forth.  With sincere apologies:

Ballot Question 1:

Yes: 4918
No: 4998

The County will confirm the number of provisionals later today.

Talking Ed Note: Yes, Da Horsey is groggy.  As you may have heard there was a helleva party at the Pourhouse and there was a fight later outside the Raia-Mason HQ.  Good times.

Update: The County estimates several hundred provisionals ballpark. Based on the machine vote ratio, the expectation is the result will not change.  However, in any election closer than 200 votes, the result can be challenged.  Considering the amount of money spent by MSTA, Hoboken should anticipate more court action.

However, the election unlike last year should not be overturned so cavalierly by a judge. In retrospect, it was astounding then and equally astounding today.

Other reports have been inaccurate.  MSV wishes to confirm to those who are interested in Public Question #1 – this is the rock solid accurate report.  Feel free to send your friends here.

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