Who shall lead the Antis?

Virulent anti-Adminstration Old Guard eye path to resurgence

The open question among the Old Guard is who will lead them out of the wilderness in 2017?

It’s the sole question and ties that bind if you’ve got an eye on Mile Square power and dreams of big 30 story buildings dotting the landscape less the units for friends and family and the crinkly brown paperbag of loot.

Every Old Guard soldier has a dream. How can Hoboken profit them? But first they have to end the reign of Mayor Dawn Zimmer who hands out more treats to her dog Buddy than anyone waiting in line at OG headquarters formerly known as City Hall. There’s nary a treat for a grifter anywhere muddying up the works and turning dreams into daily nightmares.

On the short list the choices are mixed and as it stands currently, limited. Among the picks: the reigning photo-op county king in Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, the resilient return of councilman-elect Ruben Ramos and believe it or not because he believes in dreams bigger than FBI surveillance video, Councilman Michael Russo.

The assets heading into the next “war” in 2017 are both short and dwindling. A reliable base of subsidized housing units, a defecting and increasingly disenchanted Old Hoboken and a grotesque severely overweight pro-wrestling loving operative coming off the Mason “Civic” and “art gallery” payroll who specializes in intimidating old ladies in Fox Hill Gardens and collecting Vote-by-Mail ballots to be filled out later.

Not exactly the material of empire is it?

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano and Councilman-elect Ruben Ramos are vying on
who shall lead the Antis against Reform and Mayor Dawn Zimmer in 2017.
Assets currently are not favorable other than a ready-made Old Guard VBM farming operation.
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Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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