Grist for the Mill: Sources: Here comes another lawsuit against Hoboken and mayor: Perry Belfiore

UPDATE: 2:35 PM – In response to this Grist for the Mill rumor piece, Perry Belfiore said he’s not retained Jason Orlando as counsel and is “ruminating” over the question of a lawsuit.  While Orlando is among a group of attorneys where the matter has been discussed, the question of damages is one among several open issues Belfiore said has not been decided.


Here comes round two in another civil lawsuit due to curtailed remarks in a Hoboken council meeting!

Another lawsuit is expected to hit the City of Hoboken any day related to the abbreviated Old Guard speaker’s comments stemming from the October 21st City Council meeting.

The first came last week courtesy of long time Beth Mason connected political operative David Liebler.

According to independent sources including one close to well known Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore, the previously failed candidate for fifth ward City Council will follow David Liebler to the courthouse with another civil lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.

Belfiore had attempted repeatedly to speak about Stan Grossbard, the mayor’s husband at the October 21st meeting and was ejected by the Council President Ravi Bhalla in a dispute over the matter.

The latest civil lawsuit is expected to be represented by Jason Orlando, the attorney most recently representing former Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco in a failed civil lawsuit designed to extract overtime and other financial benefits before he retired adding to his pension benefit.

Perry Belfiore (r) is expected to file a civil lawsuit against the City of Hoboken
for his ejection from the October 21st City Council meeting as David Liebler
did before him. Here’s he’s enjoying a stroll back in 2011 with cybersewer Hoboken411
owner Perry “Crazy shorts Ku Klux” Klaussen.

At the Hoboken City Council meeting last month leading into the Mile Square’s decisive six of nine council ward elections, both Belfiore and Liebler were shown the exit by the Hoboken Police Department at the behest of City Council President Ravi Bhalla.

The boot came when the Old Guard aligned denizens attempted to leverage leaked emails from the Carmelo Garcia “ethnic cleansing” civil lawsuit and point the finger at Mayor Zimmer’s husband as Liebler said for being the “unelected mayor of Hoboken.”

Prior to Liebler’s comments, Belfiore was ejected alleging the mayor’s husband was responsible for “firing” Garcia who was contracted at the Hoboken Housing Authority last year. As he waved pages of a resolution he claimed was written by the mayor’s husband, Belfiore claimed that resolution was used at the HHA meeting “firing” Garcia.

The emails in question released to numerous media outlets two weeks before the November election showed electronic communications between the mayor’s husband, Stan Grossbard and several HHA commissioners. The emails revealed numerous suggestions the commissioners failed to act upon.

Garcia was terminated almost a year and a half later under a different HHA board with two of the three HHA commissioners in the emails no longer comprising the seven member body. At the time of the contract termination in August 2014, numerous problems under Garcia became public from his taking thousands of dollars from vendors issued illicit million dollar contracts to a scathing internal audit conducted within the agency.

Another issue in the anticipated Belfiore civil lawsuit may be a reported fall outside the City Council chambers. The fall occurred on his departure with the Hoboken Police Department although later he was seen apparently uninjured.

Well known Beth Mason political operative and fourth ward Democratic committeeman Matt Calicchio was seen filming Belfiore’s ejection and yelling at the Hoboken Police in the commotion.

Outgoing lame duck councilwoman Beth Mason is believed to be seeking any video via an OPRA request taken inside City Hall upon Belfiore’s ejection. Some believe she wanted to make sure nothing counter to any narrative in a lawsuit would be uncovered as in the case of her criminal allegations against MSV set for trial in Jersey City December 11th.

Talking Ed Note: The Old Guard lawsuits are piling up at City Hall. Attorney Jason Orlando was contacted but unavailable at the time of this story.

The Hudson Reporter did not report on the David Liebler civil lawsuit last week. Perhaps it had advanced notice of both Old Guard lawsuit and was waiting for the second to drop or trying to figure out how to bury another “blood diamond” comment by an anti-Zimmer operative as first reported last week by Grafix Avenger.

The pro Old Guard weekend rag studiously kept silent when similar comments were allegedly written by intimate Beth Mason advisor Lane Bajardi under an admitted screen name he deployed.

Unrelated: MSV video is not subject to any OPRA request but it has been made available to the court in Jersey City. Everyone is cordially invited to the trial in Jersey Municipal Court December 11th on Beth Mason’s criminal charges where the video is expected to feature along with MSV witnesses.

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