Horse Sense: Changing of the Old Guard

Ready or not it’s December and the final year end council meetings are in sight meaning it’s almost that time: a changing of the Old Guard.

The election results reducing the Old Guard council to a 7-2 uphill vote has added to their usual embittered quips, raging narcissism and uncouth vapidity. Toss in a little inherent sexism and we have quite the holiday brew.

OG political operations exploded left and right last month leading into the council elections. The attempted misuse of emails in the Carmelo Garcia “ethnic cleansing” litigation didn’t see Mister Carmelo elected. A release to several media outlets turned out to be a dud and the slander against the mayor and her family which followed like clockwork before the election saw two ejections from the council meeting.

The First Amendment will survive even if it would be lovely to allow a few more seconds for slanderous bloviations.

– Council President, Da Horsey rises to ask unanimous consent to approve bloviations and slander in council chambers! Let the Old Guard slander be heard!

Did Beth Mason know? She enthusiastically nodded yes to the slanderous allegation the mayor’s husband wrote a resolution “firing Carmelo Garcia.” 

Another failed hit job: the defamation of Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. Who was that Hudson Tea interloper heard yelling into his phone, “Pull the trigger!” some hours before that Hate411 stink bomb landed? Said OG soldier should know phone records will be ripe for discovery and all those hours whiling away the time with a bottom feeding Weehawken fish are going to come out in the wash. Was Das Klaussen paid a sum to publish the defamation on Mason411?

Downtown First Ward Councilman-elect Michael DeFusco took a lot of below the belt punches. One said a woman was calling to irritate First Ward residents claiming to be his mother but stalled shortly after being reported on Grafix Avenger and here at the stable. Outgoing Councilwoman Castellano has been slow to extend congratulations to DeFusco. She offered in its place false information to residents and at least one media outlet she won the machine vote. ( and a new reporter bit on the false information but later issued a correction.)

Did anyone else notice Beth Mason nodding yes to Perry Belfiore’s false statement the mayor’s husband wrote the resolution “firing Carmelo Garcia” in August last year? Was it merely the joy of OG slander generating that putrid reflex?

Will that slander be repeated tonight at the council meeting? Bitter Old Guard soldiers did not get what they wanted last month. If they did, they would not have been kind to our public institutions. They never are.

The Old Guard is going down bitter, ugly and nasty.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Hair-detector graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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