Who else had a hand in the John Corea looting of Hoboken?

Not everyone believes John Corea pulled off the 2005-2008 million dollar looting of the Hoboken Parking Utility alone.  His arrest and the long period of time passed before he finally pled to his crime against the people of Hoboken gave many pause.  Even long time close observers of the City’s political environment posed questions to MSV asking if we had anything in the way of new information on the case.

As this portion of the ripoff is over, more questions asking for accountability need to be raised on why Council members Terry Castellano and Michael Russo attempted to convince the late Mo DeGennaro the missing million dollars was “cleared up” saying it not once following his inquiry but three times.
The compliant local media never obtained an answer on the record as far as MSV can tell.
Talking Ed Note: It’s hard to miss the irony of of a man who raised the question on a million dollar ripoff passed away as the sentencing of the person responsible was announced.
With Mo DeGennaro being laid to rest today, shouldn’t others in the Fourth Estate step up and do their job to at least ask the question of those who made some very odd public pronouncements?
One can only hope the NJ Attorney General’s Office has not closed the file.
Thank you Mo.  Rest in peace.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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