Michael Russo: Marsh and Cunningham should pay for protest walkout

In a resurrected resolution just in time for the Easter holiday, Councilman Michael Russo is calling for two council members among the mayor’s Reform majority coalition to pay the costs of a cancelled special meeting in February.

Resolution no. 2 was pulled off the agenda two weeks ago but it’s back and Councilman Michael Russo is up for another round of his favorite council pastime: politrickin.

The resolution calls for the Council to order two members, Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham to reimburse the City for their departing a February 1st special meeting.  Their departure before the meeting prevented a required quorum at roll call, leaving the council short of a required five voting members and it had to be postponed.
Of the reasons cited by Marsh and Cunningham for their protest walkout was severe concern about a resolution on the BoE elections and surprise appointments to openings on the Hoboken Zoning Board.

The BoE resolution in retrospect was non-binding and would have no power over the vote held later that month when the Hoboken BoE would move its elections to November.

A resolution sponsored by Councilman Michael Russo calls for payback from two Reform members who walked out and forced the special meeting to be cancelled.  

Talking Ed Note: The resolution introduced by Michael Russo did not have a co-sponsor before it was pulled earlier. It’s unclear if it will have a co-sponor. While this will be another entertaining game brought to you by MORTe – beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano, it bears no legal authority and is destined for failure  unless Satan himself appears and obtains a certified council vote.

At an earlier council meeting Russo stated food pushcarts regulations were in great need of an update. On hearing this Councilwoman Jen Giattino who spent months working on the the food truck ordinance recently passed encouraged Russo to follow her lead and take on the effort.

Michael Russo couldn’t backtrack fast enough. Real work is not his thing, politrickin is.

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