Councilman Cunningham: Construction projects and park target updates

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

As promised, I have important updates to several projects in the northwest part of Hoboken.

1) 12th/13th and Clinton/Grand (site in front of 1200 Grand) – You will see Fields Construction vehicles on this site, with materials.  There’s no planned work at this site.  It is being used as a staging area for the construction at 13th and Grand (behind the movie theatre).

2) 13th and Grand (behind movie theatre) – This is a Fields Construction project.  These residential units are back behind the movie theatre.  Completion is expected Fall 2012.

3) 12th/13th Adams (Henkle) – This 7 acre parcel is now owned by BASF, and it’s their policy is to remediate property they own.  As many of you know, they have esthetically cleaned up these sites over the last year.  Evaluation of the level of contamination continues to be underway.  It is the City’s intention to acquire this parcel for open space.  The City has made it’s intentions known to BASF and discussions continue.   

4) 14th Street Viaduct – This project is on going with current decontruction of the east bound lane (south side) of the bridge.  Completion is still scheduled for end of 2013.

5) 14th and Clinton – The former Harbor House at 1405 is a Bijou Project.  These will be work/live units with community space.  Proposed completion is Fall 2012.

6) 14th and Clinton – across the street from 1405 is a open surface lot.  This is a Fields Construction residential project to start soon.  Still waiting to gather additional info on start/completion date.

7) 14th and Willow – As everyone knows, this is the former Gulf gas station at 14th and Willow.  And formerly to that, a gasification plant where coal was converted to gas during the turn of the century (2oth century).  Summer of 2013 is the current completion date.  Attached, please see their recent update on current action.  An official announcement has not been made for the ground floor commercial tenant, but that an announcement is expected soon.

Obviously there’s much going on in these neighborhoods.  I know it’s extremely frustrating, particularly with what’s rumored to happen with Burlington Coat, Stahl Soap, and Alorna Coat factories, this part of town will be in transition for a while.  Several of the projects noted above (1-7), were approved several years ago.  Along with amenities developing and forthcoming, such as the small shopping center at 14th and Adams, additional restaurants and the underbridge park, 1600 Park these additions to the neighborhood will continue to add great value.  I will do my best to inform you of any traffic changes, utility issues and additional developments that may impact our quality of life. 

I’m sure this note will generate several questions, so please feel free to call or write and send this note around.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter Cunningham

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