Where in the world is Carmelo Garcia’s campaign report?

Carmelo Garcia, Hoboken’s controversial and eternal ethically challenged political personality is once again in the throes of brushing up against the law.

While all other Hoboken City Council races have filed campaign reports showing initial campaign  activities right down to dollars and cents for campaign buttons, signs and loans, Carmelo Garcia has one big donut on his hands.

Zero, zilch, nada.

Garcia who arrived late and left early at his council debate last month sponsored by the Quality of Life Coalition, ironically to attend a fundraiser isn’t telling the public where all his campaign loot is coming from.

Is he too busy wading through his “ethnic cleansing” civil litigation emails to file?

Or is this just one more example of arrogance as the laws simply don’t apply to one Carmelo Garcia?

Carmelo Garcia must be too busy to fulfill the NJ law for campaign filings. He is the lone Hoboken Council candidate not to do so. Perhaps he’s too busy counting the loot from his numerous fundraisers hauling in the greenbacks from outside the Mile Square City. 

Talking Ed Note: Another example of the threat to good governance. The threat doesn’t end here. On Election Day, Hoboken residents can choose to end the never ending saga of Mister Carmelo.

Related: The scandal uncovered by Grafix Avenger on the alleged abuse of taxpayer funds using Assembly funds for electioneering in the sixth ward isn’t over. (This in contrast to bizarre Facebook claims by one Hudson Reporter staffer there is no story. Did you even bother to ask anyone outside of Hoboken’s sixth ward if they received the suspect mailer Al? Did anyone at the HR? Was the question even asked?)

Councilwoman Jen Giattino has asked the NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto to stop further abuse of taxpayer funds and freeze any future mailings by the lame duck outgoing Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

MSV hears it’s an ever-growing list of local, county and state officials who can’t wait to see Carmelo Garcia gone.

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