Council President Ravi Bhalla: ‘Vigilence at the ballot box for good council candidates is the difference’

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Ravi Bhalla:

Dear Friends,
In Hoboken, local elections matter.  They really do. Every vote counts, including yours.  And there is so much on the line in one week on Election Day, November 3rd
When I first came into office in 2009, Hoboken government was a complete mess.  The municipal budget was overspent by over $10 million dollars, property taxes increased by 47% and the State of New Jersey took control over the operations of our City because of the incompetence of our local officials.
In six short years, look how much progress we’ve made together!  Municipal taxes are under control and our fiscal house is in order. Our bond rating went from junk bond status to our current AA+ credit rating, enabling us to borrow at attractive rates of interest.  We saved St. Mary’s Hospital from closing, saving over 1,000 jobs and a critical resource for our community.  We’ve built, opened or renovated new parks like 1600 Park, Pier C and Sinatra Park.  And we’ve rooted out so much corruption and waste in municipal government.  All this occurred in the face of fierce opposition by those that do everything possible to prevent good things from happening while Dawn Zimmer is our Mayor.
My friends, we really need to stay vigilant and active to continue the progress.  One thing I’ve learned as a City Council Member is that you may not always agree with your colleagues or the Administration, but you have to be willing to work together toward the greater good of our community.  We have done that – as a team – in order to move our community forward during these years.
On Election Day, please go to the polls and vote to continue the fantastic progress our great City has seen in the past few years. Residents have the chance to vote to continue to support flood mitigation projects, decreasing/flat city taxes, a smart and thoughtful approach to development, and an administration and council majority working only for the taxpayers – and the options are clear. On Nov. 3, please vote for:
1st Ward Candidate Michael DeFusco
2nd Ward Candidate Tiffanie Fisher
4th Ward Candidate Dana Wefer
5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham
6th Ward Councilwoman Jennifer Giattino
As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything, feel free to call me at (201) 647-6090 or email me at You can also follow along with what I’m working on through Facebook, by liking my page here.
Ravinder S. Bhalla
Hoboken Councilman-at-Large and City Council President

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