BREAKING: Michael Russo routes $2,500 to Peter Biancamano through his medical biz


UPDATE: The Biancamano for Council campaign responded to this story. Pablo Fonseca on behalf of the campaign said in a phone interview:

“Peter will continue to focus on the issues of the campaign, which are the priorities of the residents of the second ward.  We will continue to reach out to the voters. We will continue to give them our message of integrity and transparency and we are six days away from victory.”


Questions are swishing and dishing, rocking and rolling with some curious eyebrows raised on Peter Biancamano’s campaign report.

According to the Peter Biancamano campaign’s latest ELEC filing, the second ward Hoboken council candidate accepted a strange $2,500 loan from the NJ Institute of Balance in Elizabeth, NJ.

A look into that physical therapy business shows its owned by a Hoboken based therapist: Councilman Michael Russo.

The campaign entry reveals the loan was made early last month on September 8th listing the full Elizabeth address of the NJ Institute of Balance:

MSV contacted the Peter Biancamano campaign asking why it’s accepted a $2,500 loan not only from a Hoboken slate mate but via his personal business?

A voicemail was left for Councilman Michael Russo similarly this morning inquiring why monies are being routed through his personal medical business to Peter Biancamano.

Oddly, Michael Russo took on a bigger expense last month with the birth of a baby boy.

Councilman Michael Russo is back in the news with an odd ‘loan’ appearing for $2,500 on the campaign report of Peter Biancamano. The oddly timed loan arrives in the same month as a baby boy for Russo.
There’s no comment from either Peter Biancamano’s campaign or Michael Russo.
Set the spin cycle to “launder.” Congratulations Mikie!

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Mikie Russo Laugh & Launder graphic courtesy of Jhnny “to the butter” Newman.

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