What are the criminal penalties for using a charity in tax fraud?

The earlier stories on the shadowy political operative payroll of the Mason Civic League aren’t quite dry but the civil penalties noted may be.  After some additional digging, there’s criminal risk of the federal variety in addition to the potential $50,000 in fines.

From the IRS website:

As noted by a reader yesterday who is filing an IRS referral on the Mason Civic League yesterday, the key component is Title 26 USC.  The fines for such willful violations run up to $250,00 and jail time is as serious a count as computer intrusion: five years.

In the yet unknown group of political operatives who may have performed political tasks for Beth Mason’s civic league, they too are at risk according to the statute as if they did not declare the income and attempted to evade taxes.

It’s not clear if the yet unknown number of political operatives were paid as employees with federal tax withheld by Beth Mason or if they were paid as contractors.  Like Beth Mason, the known political operatives: Matt Calicchio, Tania Garcia, James Barracato and Ryan Yacco aren’t talking.

MSV invites them to do so.  Let’s see the Mason Civic League expense records too.

Ricky and Beth Mason, in need of a good criminal tax lawyer for questionable actions of the Mason Civic League?

Talking Ed Note: Beth and Ricky Mason may have a very large criminal tax problem on their hands.
Perhaps they should get a lawyer.

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