BREAKING: HHA commissioner Maryanne Camporeale bounced off board

Unconfirmed word is coming out of tonight’s HHA meeting, commissioner HHA Maryanne Camporeale has been ejected from the board due to failure to take required federal courses over a statue governed 18 month period.

HHA Commissioner Maryanne Camporeale failed to complete required Federal classes.
By law, the position is reopened.  Look out here comes Reform.

The ejection if accurate means a position has opened again on the board and the Hoboken City Council will likely be looking to fill the spot next week.

Reform will be positioned to identify a candidate in nomination and a vote.

Last month, Councilman Michael Russo was replaced at the end of his term by Councilman Dave Mello a fourth ward resident.

There are seven seats on the HHA board.  An open seat would be considered the swing vote.
Reform oriented members Jake Stuiver, Judy Burrell and at-large Councilman David Mello will be looking to add a fourth colleague to propel the HHA forward.

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