Day in the life, an encounter with a Beth Mason political operative

Beth Mason operative Matt Calicchio  strolls past an uptown
outdoor Washington St. eatery last Saturday on his way
to Beth Mason’s Gallery 1200.

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason is known to carry a few people on the payroll.  On the political side she’s retained multiple political consulting firms who all whisper in her ear about how they will make her dreams for power come true.  Sometimes she tells them together they will make her dreams come true….

Last Saturday, the very day the Hudson Reporter story came out confirming political operative Matt Calicchio had been slammed in Union City Municipal Court by a judge that called his testimony “garbage,” fate brought us together at an outdoor meal on upper Washington Street.

There’s a Weehawken fishy connection here too which is part of the grist for the mill for this story.

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There’s a traffic ticket war going on at Hoboken Patch.  Looks like one member of the council majority is facing a potential traffic ticket (others have been reversed or will be) and you will never see so many Old Guard political operatives so motivated for justice against the alleged traffic crime wave.

MSV after an interview decided there was no there there, but one has to marvel at the reversal of standards on crime by the Old Guard backers, some of whom are actually talking to themselves in multiple screen names all the way from Edgewater.  We don’t want to name names but prosbus/Alan needs to go back for an adjustment on split personality medication.

Who said it doesn’t pay to get behind counte$$?  Whatever you do, don’t bring up that tax fraud stuff about the Mason Civic League, Inc.

Okay here’s the link to the alleged right on red crime of the century:

Is it getting hot in here or what?  It’s not even the dog days of summer.

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