We’re number one!

Hoboken takes the lead in a statewide investigation into government waste and abuse in local government.  The State Commission of Investigation report dated December 2009 reveals all the practices that have helped to get New Jersey both on the state and local level deep into the red.  

Leading the way on the gravy train is Hoboken’s own Carmen LaBruno:
“The largest excesses cited came from within the law enforcement community. Former Hoboken police chief Carmen LaBruno left his post with $350,000, which included $200,000 in unused time off, according to the report.”

Carmen Labruno and friend on a Swat mission
Photo courtesy: the Jersey Journal

More of the shocking details on the cost to Hoboken among other towns is included in a new story just released Jersey Journal story.  Highlights include:

” From 2004 to 2009, retiring Hoboken employees collected $3.87 million worth of terminal leave, including individual payments as high as $97,000; and $3.14 million in accumulated vacation leave. In numerous individual instances, the combined lump-sum payout was identical to or within several thousands of dollars of the recipient’s last annual salary.”

As Hoboken is about to release its budget today, our sense of unease comes on several fronts, this being one of them.  Way to go Hoboken.  Represent!

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