BOE Tape – Video Down

The City videographer, Patrick Ricciardi, who was taping the last BOE meeting in an interview minutes before the City Council meeting tonight relayed the details of the problems leading to the loss of video and also his release from further duties by BOE Superintendent Carter via email earlier today.

Apparently, the video problems are part of a code issue although still retaining the audio portion.  Unfortunately software tools from the hard disk manufacturer for the special hardware were not successful in fixing the video corruption.  Eric Kurta confirmed to us via email that Patrick had conveyed concern about the video problems a couple of days after the meeting.  The hard drive in the cartridge mechanism, approximately 170 GB goes back to 2007.  It is used for every single city event. 

There’s no way at this point to get both the audio and video up but the audio is available for the complete meeting.  Patrick has offered Mile Square View a complete copy and we accepted but we’re not optimistic in its recovery.

We will be live blogging the City Council meeting from Chambers.

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