Budget Blow Out – City Council Tonight

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Judy Tripodi, the fiscal monitor and her team roll out their budget along with the mayor’s office tonight to the City Council.  Where will the numbers come in?  We are going to find out with all the promised transparency – per line item along with it.  Okay, who needs a hanky first?  You know there’s going to be some crying right?

As most readers here know, Mile Square View broke the story of the tax cuts included with the budget effort a full week before the election.  This caused great consternation to the efforts already invested in a campaign and its tiny minions saying otherwise (no names to protect the guilty) but what can you do, we told the truth.  Of course that caused much gnashing of teeth and frantic efforts worthy of Pravda in its heyday uptown at the home of censorship and self-proclaimed “political truth.”  If you are new here, sorry you didn’t get the facts sooner.  You really shouldn’t listen to a Hobo when you need accurate Hoboken 411 information.  Consider yourself fortunate though; you’ve made a clean getaway.

Tune back later today.  We have some surprises planned for the folks.  And we think you are going to like it.  We’ll have live chat enabled with NO CENSORSHIP available too.  But that’s only for starters.

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