Joe Biden losing the election as key Democrat controlled states STOP the election

Wisconsin restarts and dumps 138,000 absentee votes almost all for Biden at 4:30 am
Recount in Wisconsin anticipated as only 5,000 were for President Trump

Michigan following the absentee ballot “path” of Wisconsin after 600,000 Trump lead disappears

Philadelphia announce midnight election count stoppage to buy time in hunt for votes
Pennsylvania attempts to radically increase absentee ballots into total
Biden Campaign says they will “find” the winning votes for states by 5:00 pm
Arizona outcome in question with Fox News premature call and sizable votes uncounted

Nevada vote tallies not concluded with “long count” expected

President Trump leads in Georgia with more “ballots” being sought in Fulton County

President Trump being censored on Twitter as part of organized Big Tech – Media plan

The Horse map before Democrats stopped the election and started “The Steal”at midnight

Major problem with the “call” of Arizona as significant votes never counted and predictions are that there will be a sizable victory in five figures for President Trump when they are tallied, per Richard Baris of People’s Pundit Daily. Baris was one of the only actual competent professional pollsters to have the election anything close to the actual numbers correct.

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