Union City Mayor Brian Stack visits the Hoboken ‘playground’

Mayor/Senator Stack parachuted into Hoboken yesterday

Yesterday Union City Mayor Brian Stack reached out to touch Hoboken.  He came down the big ole hill from Union City and said he wants to make friends with some of Hoboken’s residents in the Hoboken Housing Authority.  He didn’t tell anyone at City Hall he was coming.  Normal etiquette would suggest one mayor holding a public event in their town would do so.

Can you name a few reasons why a dual job holding elected official would want to visit Hoboken’s HHA community two weeks before an election?

State Senator Brian Stack is a powerhouse in New Jersey.  He has Union City under his wing and also holds a powerful seat in the state’s senior legislative body.

Tim Carroll our favorite Hoboken reporter not just covering Hoboken sized up the situation and hits the right chords.  Actually he plugged into a big Marshall amp and cranked out some really big power chords.

In his story, Carroll notes the State Senator hasn’t been in Hoboken since 2007 and his re-election campaign won’t be held until next year.

Talking Ed note:  Da Horsey received notices from residents State Senator Stack would be parachuting into town.  He apparently didn’t want that word out but it was certainly the buzz yesterday.

In 2007, there was a war waging in Hudson County.  Brian Stack was taking on the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) in hand to hand combat.  That war carried into Hoboken with Stack financing then Council candidate Dawn Zimmer’s opponent, Councilman Chris Campos to the tune of six figures.  Yes that would be $100,00 of the mean green.

Mayor Zimmer received somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,000 from the HCDO.  When Dawn Zimmer defeated Councilman Chris Campos, Stack saw his investment go down the tubes.  But he’s back and some might say his parachuted appearance into Hoboken’s always popular at election time corner in the fourth ward was just a coincidence.

Others might call it power politics.

Photo courtesy: Timothy Carroll & PolitickerNJ

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