Occhipinti charges park for Southwest shortchanged

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Talking Ed Note:  MSV is no longer getting press releases from Occhipinti for Council.  It actually began on Friday with their release and letter to the Attorney General complaining about a “bounty” for names of vote by mail applicants.  Looks like the same over at the Hoboken Journal as well.  MSV derided that release noting that’s public information.  The attempt to derail Operation Bounty has failed.  The bounty has been doubled.

An inquiry asking for this press release was rejected by Occhipinti Communications Spokesman David Cruz.  He said it was his decision and Da Horsey was unfair and cowardly.

As a result, MSV stated policy of publishing releases from Occhipinti without editorial comment is no longer in effect.  It appears the hate filled voice known for its appearance at City Council meetings and ghostwriting at Hoboken411 is once again setting hellfire to the wind and looking for new attack angles to make some hay in the closing days of the election.  Hoboken411 will be doing further coordination with the Occhipinti campaign, of this there should be no doubt.

Parks are a legitimate issue in Hoboken.  But there’s no quick solutions and as Councilman Mike Lenz stated, work on Patterson Plank Road is required before a real best solution in the southwest can take shape.  We’re not looking to quote the Councilman here, we’re just noting the common sense in his remark.

It should be noted that the most isolated biased voices in town over at Hate411 are deemed appropriate to Occhipinti for Council to send its press releases.  Censorship to that campaign appears to be no obstacle either as they are embracing it on multiple levels.  Everyone knows what Hate411 is about and that there’s no free speech there.  Choosing that vehicle is akin to resorting to the censorship tactics of totalitarians. 

If David Cruz wishes to articulate how MSV acted cowardly, we’ll be happy to listen.  He declined to explain his accusation when asked earlier today.

Grafix Avenger met David Cruz after the Jubilee Center debate.  Her impressions were not positive.  What would one say when a man more than twice a woman’s size sends a message by crushing a woman’s hand on greeting while laughing, “I crushed Grafix Avenger’s hand.”

Media inquired about our run in with David Cruz at the same event.  We’re honoring an agreement with a senior source on Tim Occhipinti’s campaign not to discuss the matter and awaiting a response from that party.  Word has been out that the Occhipinti spokesman isn’t making many friends on his own campaign either.

As for the content of this release, it’s just the typical Hoboken411 hair splitting.  Hoboken has and will continue to address a slate of issues and problems.  It’s a long list but don’t expect change to address everything overnight at once.  Besides, does anyone believe Tim Occhipinti wrote even a comma of this?

Sidebar: This post is dedicated to a fine police officer serving Hoboken.  Running into him recently in the neighborhood, a quick chat about things overall didn’t show he was a reader.  Later he revealed he is an avid MSV observer and morale is way up now on the police department with the plan announced by City Hall.  Expectations remain the final seven retirements due December 2nd will follow and there won’t be any police layoffs.

MSV would like to wish him and all the fine people serving Hoboken on the police force the best.  And thank you for your service to our town.

You wanted “the juice” buddy – this one is for you. 

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