Tim Occhipinti runs an errand

Back when Tim Occhipinti truly ran as an independent for City Council in 2009, he watched as the race around him motored ahead without him when the results came in.  He then found the appeal of Peter Cammarano to be too strong and backed him in the runoff for mayor.

After the election, Occhipinti grew closer to Cammarano and joined his team acting as official notetaker at City Council meetings.  (Since a mayor should be watching city council meetings himself, it’s unclear why Cammarano would need Tim to do so but I digress.)

Here in the video above is Tim Occhipinti’s first appearance speaking to Hoboken.  He spoke on behalf of Cammarano’s centralized powers on the Hoboken Zoning Board.  Leave Peter alone, Tim said.  Well something like that.

Actually Occhipinti says a few things here.  But based on the debate at the Jubilee Center, one thing we can surmise is Occhipinti is far more comfortable saying the words of others.  That’s no doubt the case here as well.

The question is who does he speak for now and who will he speak for should he be elected?  It’s a legitimate concern to put it mildly.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV has been assured by a senior level member of the Occhipinti for Council campaign an opportunity for Q&A with Occhipinti will be available.  For the record, we asked one question after the debate at the Jubilee Center and that didn’t work out too well after Occhipinti agreed to answer and the question was posed.  It was an impromptu question, open and fair.

We’d like to have a few questions answered and then also ask the same of Councilman Lenz.

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