Tim Ochippinti and mystery girl out and about collecting petitions

Tim Occhipinti is venturing into the hinterlands of the fourth ward scrounging up petitions with an eye toward his heartfelt desire to run for mayor.

That’s not news here but Timmy has a mystery girl and it’s neither his girlfriend nor a pal out and about collecting signatures.

There’s a reasonable expectation the mystery girl is not out doing this for her health or because she’s dumbstruck by the geekiness of Timmy.  It looks like she’s the final “female to be named” on a ticket underwritten by Frank “Pupie” Raia.

Da Horsey who was recently challenged by someone on another campaign to impress is officially saying this is one filly you can expect to see entering the starting gate on Tuesday when the petition deadline determines who will be on the ballot for Hoboken’s November election..

Timmy Occhipinti is out with a mystery
girl collecting petitions.
Will she be on the ballot Tuesday?
Da Horsey says yes.

While most Hobokenites will be enjoying the last unofficial weekend of summer, Raia will be plotting out his strategy to become the swing seat on the City Council where he will reign as the king of all council folk.

Perhaps Raia will have a little weekend party, on the menu roast beef and mutz sandwiches.

Although our cybercolleague Hoboken Girl was raving about Fiore’s mutz doing a full spread feature recently, Da Horsey is confident that’s not the mutz in Raia’s plans.

Some will say that’s a Cryan shame but it’s all award winning yummy.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.  When you get back to business Tuesday, Hoboken will have a full plate with three campaign slates on the ballot for November.

Buon appetito!

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