Multiple independent sources confirm there’s been onsite inquiries made at the Hoboken Housing Authority by unidentified federal agents.

The week looked headed into a lovely, sleepy holiday weekend when a buzz of rumors erupted about  “a Federal raid” at the HHA.

Late this morning HHA Chairman Rob Davis said he had not heard about any visits from the Feds and repeated efforts to obtain comment from Emil Kotherithara, HHA Chief Financial Officer were fruitless.  A voicemail left for him this morning inquiring on visits by the Feds was not returned although he was said to be in the building.

The Feds are investigating at the Hoboken Housing Authority.
The interest however is not limited to one issue.
What’s next?

After Hurricane Irene, FEMA is believed to have extended a substantial grant to the HHA to elevate their generators and protect them in any future flooding event.  More than a year later, after Hurricane Sandy hit, the generators were  flooded since they remained underground.

The Feds investigation re: “the suits” as mentioned in a brief on Grafix Avenger earlier today are looking into more than one issue within the HHA adding to the exploding controversy swimming around both Vision 20/20 and Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

An inquiry to Carmelo Garcia, to confirm or deny the visit by the Feds did not elicit any response.

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