Carmelo Garcia sees latest scheme go kaput

No meeting quorum spells doom for sixth attempt to renew Charles Daglian legal contract

In the latest setback for Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, the HHA meeting questionably rescheduled for the end of the month failed last night when it lacked a required minimum of HHA board members.

In typical fashion, Garcia had unilaterally set the meeting during a popular time when many schedule family vacations apparently in the belief he could reverse the previous majority 4-3 vote with a sixth attempt to renew Charles Daglian as the HHA legal counsel.

No vote took place as the plan failed.

Here’s the video courtesy of Hudson County TV and John Heinis.  Chair Rob Davis says he is shocked, shocked to hear of the quorum failure for the illegally set up meeting while commissioner Jake Stuiver offered a statement reiterating his concerns on how Carmelo Garcia moved the meeting from the original August date.

Although Garcia had his reflexive reliable three votes including Ruben Ramos city council slate candidate Eduardo Gonzalez on hand, the meeting requires four voting members, a quorum to start an official meeting.

The four reform oriented members were away all points globally: Greg Lincoln relocating his family to Qatar, Florida, an ocean cruise – away as in there’s no way this meeting happens.

Crosstown, the City Council in recent meetings nixed three attempts to approve Garcia friendly pro-Vision 20/20 pick Barbara Reyes as a new commissioner and see the HHA board majority back under his control.

Last night was the stark political reality in Vision 20/20.

Some think Carmelo Garcia’s civil lawsuit is nuts but it didn’t stop him from attempting to treat the HHA as a
banana republic setting up a questionable meeting last night.  Add it to the latest Carmelo Garcia fail.

Talking Ed Note:  If the Hoboken Sopranos in the City Council had succeeded in elevating Reyes, Hoboken would perhaps be spared the endless rhetoric of Carmelo Garcia’s continuous whining he’s a victim, how he’s been forced “to corroborate” his victimization setting up people with his little tape recorder because he can’t run the Hoboken Housing Authority like a banana republic.

Last night Carmelo Garcia’s agenda was destined for failure.  Get used to it.  There’s plenty more where that came from ahead.

Original graphic modified by Jhnny “to the butter” Newman.

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