There’s a HoLotta shakin going on at the Boys and Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club in Hoboken is back in the news and more questions and questionable actions by the management is coming to the fore.  In another installment of the series by Amanda Staab, questions on the lease and operations of the building on lower Jefferson Street raise a host of questions with tax implications galore.

What happens when a collision occurs between the interests of the taxpayers against the old dark ways in Hoboken?

Maybe we’re just beginning to find out.

Important in this story is the City is taking its responsibility seriously and the questions are not all answered but enough have surfaced to question how the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club has cut corners, or worse.

The facility pays the City of Hoboken $2 a year to operate on behalf of children most in need.  Along the way, that mission statement appears to have been lost as corners were cut and worse.

Two important elements in this story arise: usage outside the terms of the lease and failure to provide the financials as required to the City of Hoboken.

Adding more fuel to the fire, one commenter X-files recalls Director Greenberg being involved in a protest against Kids First.  If true, that’s an additional dynamic beyond the pale too.  It’s a political wrinkle where none should exist.

There’s more questions than answers on this story, but it’s finally been smoked out.  There’s extensive comment from the mayor and contradictions galore from the Boys and Girls Club director.

Talking Ed Note: If the B&G Club is violating the terms of the lease, how does HoLa’s residence in the building fit in?  Based on MSV’s reading (and we have a copy), they don’t.  HoLa serves children but not the B&G Club children.  The lease between the City of Hoboken and the B&G Club states,

the building at 123 Jefferson St. is to be used “for the sole purpose of conducting youth programs and [Boys and Girls Club] activities.”

That’s a problem for everyone concerned.  Since it’s a tax problem, it requires adjudication one way or another.  The City has done some heavy lifting here, but isn’t finished.

Can the City of Hoboken be in the Charter School business (or any business) let alone subsidizing one?  In this case, Hoboken is subsidizing one school over others including the BoE.  

Can you say “problema?”

Circling back: the Boys and Girls Club must provide the complete financials.

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MSV broke the story on the conflicts in the leasing arrangement last August.

Graphic courtesy of the Grafix Avenger

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