Residents for a Public Waterfront urge action

RPW announces:

Here’s a quick update on our fight against the Monarch Project:
1. REMINDER – The Hudson County Planning Board will hold a special meeting on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm specifically to deal with the Monarch application.  The planning board needed to schedule this special hearing to give enough time to the public to voice their concerns on this construction project.  Even if you did not attend the first hearing you can still attend this meeting to voice your displeasure with this project.  Here are the details on the location:
Hudson County Planning Board
Monarch Project Special Meeting
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 – 6:30PM
Freeholders Chambers – 3rd Floor
567 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
(one block from the Journal Square PATH station)
2. The Hoboken Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, March 6 will now be held in the Wallace School gymnasium to deal with the large expected crowd.  We applaud the planning board’s decision to change the location of this meeting.  Our best shot at defeating this project is in front of the Hoboken Planning Board.  Here are the details for this important meeting:
Hoboken Planning Board
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 – 7:00PM
Wallace School gymnasium
1100 Willow Avenue (intersection of 11th and Willow Ave.)
3. Fund for a Better Waterfront is hosting a fundraiser comedy show on Friday, March 16 at 7:30pm at Willie McBride’s.  Follow this link to learn more and to purchase tickets for this great event –  It would be great for all of us to get together in a social setting and have some fun.  We hope to see you there.
4. The Hoboken City Council recently defeated emergency appropriations which included legal costs for the city’s Monarch fight.  We desperately need the city to continue its fight against the Monarch’s approval from the NJ DEP.  We cannot allow internal politics on the City Council to weaken our fight against this terrible project.  Please reach out to the city council to voice your displeasure on this setback.  Follow this link for City Council member contact information:
Articles on the recent Council vote:
5. We have collected over 2,200 signatures on our petition.  Please continue to forward around the link for our online version.  We will present this petition to our public officials in the coming weeks to show how much support we have in this fight.
Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront
@HobokenRPW on Twitter

Apologies for the multiple emails.  We forgot to include in our previous update that Mayor Zimmer has called a Special City Council meeting for Wednesday, February 22 at 7PM in the City Council chambers.  This special meeting is to deal with the emergency appropriations which were defeated by the City Council.  By coincidence, this meeting overlaps with the Hudson County Planning Board meeting.  Both meetings are great opportunities for our supporters to show up and be heard.  Follow this link for Mayor Zimmer’s letter:
We cannot stress enough how important it is for the City Council to approve the legal costs associated with the city’s appeal of the NJ DEP approval for this project.  
Hoboken RPW
Talking Ed Note: MSV would note the Hudson County Planning Board has no solid grounds to reject the application on the criteria before them.  The City Council action or inaction Wednesday night is however critical.
MSV has observed as Councilwoman Beth Mason has ignored a constituent inquiry on the Monarch Project, then months later come out against the project then voted down funding for the legal work as part of an emergency appropriation of 600K. 
 Which Beth Mason do you wish to believe?

MSV is preparing Premium Content for release: “I wanna be Da Mayor.” Expect the first part of two to hit subscribers email inboxes before Wednesday.

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