Grist for the Mill: Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 in hot water with the law

The web traffic is heavy today with strong interest in the Hoboken Patch story on the Boys and Girls Club but there’s a double dose of buzz in the Hoboken blogosphere according to multiple sources independently contacting MSV.

Hoboken411 is in the middle of it, decrying others should “beware the scams” of the latest fundraiser for Hoboken fire victims at 300 Washington but the trouble with the poison he pumps out into the community is only beginning there.

Perry Klaussen – legal troubles for the website
where Beth Mason runs her political operations

MSV hears word on the street Perry Klaussen is facing a pile of problems of his own making on several fronts and apparently it’s all about to come out in the wash.  It looks like MSV is not the only venue that suffered copyright issues with Das Klaussen.  (Hoboken411 like Scott Delea ignored our communications on the matter although he’s still on the list.)

The lame criticism from Perry Klaussen on Hoboken411 attacking those looking to help others in yesterdays fire is undercut with a 501(c) available for aiding the victims at 300 Washington Street.

The City of Hoboken is also working with a local Church to aid the victims in addition to an official fundraiser scheduled for March 2nd at Room 84.  More details to follow.

Talking Ed Note: How long before Councilwoman Beth Mason is ringing up Jersey City criminal attorney Elise DiNardo for yet another case involving her political operations/operatives?  Looks like the live billings file is about to grow yet again at the Office of Elise DiNardo.

The FBI may have a peripheral interest in all of this as it relates to the investigation into the Data Theft Conspiracy at City Hall.

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