The Ravi-Russo Alliance Ticket!

Yesterday’s prediction of an impending Team Bhalla council slate announcement came within an eyelash of dead on accuracy.

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The ticket Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced is less than inspiring in many respects but closes the books on any lingering questions about the often reported Ravi-Russo Alliance here.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his special guest Councilman Michael Russo speaking at a Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting.
The Ravi-Russo Alliance is very much alive with Russo set to face no opposition from Team Bhalla.

Ron Bautista an imperfect but suitable cannon fodder candidate in the third ward would complete a citywide ticket for Team Bhalla.

Yesterday, Hmag highlighted the obvious dereliction and received a response from the Team Bhalla spokesman who described the situation as “fluid” implying there may be an addition at a later date.

There’s only one problem with this spin. It flies in the face of the Ravi-Russo Alliance and the deal already cut.

In recent days, Councilman Michael Russo has openly bragged about the deal he cut with Ravi Bhalla.

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