Who is paying for the lawyer of Matt “Vote by Calicchio?”


Matt Calicchio’s running voter fraud joke “Vote by Calicchio” may come back to haunt others

Matt Calicchio (l) in this exclusive July 1, 2011 photo with Frank “Pupie” Raia holding court.
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With the announcement this month of Matt Calicchio entering a guilty plea for promoting voter bribery in the 2013 and 2015 Hoboken elections, a ticking time bomb of significant magnitude lands square on the Mile Square City.

For the average Hoboken resident, the latest political operative player admitting to voter fraud schemes had become ho-hum but those familiar with the name Matt Calicchio who worked for former Councilwoman Beth Mason most of this decade know differently.

With the plea, the FBI in Newark laid an ace on the table aiming to put a nail into the coffin of Frank “Pupie” Raia.  Along with his sidekick, Dio Braxton, both are facing criminal charges connected to alleged voter fraud activities in their upcoming federal criminal trial for 2015.

The trial, set for June 11th anticipates testimony from Liz “Church Lady” Camis joining Matt Calicchio as witnesses for the prosecution against Raia, who is billed by the Feds as the director of the fraudulent voter operation.

As seen in this exclusive 2010 story, none of this comes as a shock to readers here. Others in Hoboken, however, are shocked any prosecution of voter fraud in Hoboken after generational voter fraud occurred is finally happening.

When did Matt Calicchio actually flip and become a witness for the prosecution? Reliable sources suggest it occurred “a while ago,” back to at least last year.

This will have many people in Hoboken worried with the possible exception of the people paying for Matt Calicchio’s lawyer who organized a plea deal on his their behalf.

Prior to 2011 when Matt Calicchio became an all-purpose political thug, he was known as a “Pupie guy.” A falling out saw him depart that hot and cold love-hate relationship but not before he reportedly deleted a computer hard drive at the Raia Civic.

During the period of his admitted voter fraud activities in the Hoboken elections of 2013 and 2015, Matt Calicchio stated in live testimony before Judge Mongiello in Hoboken Municipal Court in 2012 that he worked for the “art gallery” and “the Mason family” of the Mason Civic League at 12th and Washington St.

That April 2012 criminal case was filed by Calicchio against this editor after a phone call to him inquiring on a trial date involving a BOE trustee and her young daughter.

The harassment charge would be thrown out of court when Calicchio stopped attending the court hearings in the latter part of 2013. One imagines he had other more pressing electoral duties at hand.

In attendance supporting Matt Calicchio at the onset of the 2012 court hearing in Hoboken Municipal Court, Ryan Yacco, the former 2011 campaign manager for then-councilwoman Beth Mason.  In addition, Frank “Pupie” Raia would show up in court to show his support and sit next to Calicchio.

Yacco is rumored to be on the witness list for the Raia-Braxton trial next month among other possible Hoboken political operative luminaries.

Back to the question at hand, who paid for Matt Calicchio’s lawyer likely spanning back to his time as a cooperating witness last year?

Well, who do you think?
Former Councilwoman Beth Mason with her employee Matt Calicchio in this vintage 2014 reader-submitted photo.
Calicchio pled guilty earlier this month to his participation in a voter fraud bribery scheme in the 2013 and 2015
Hoboken elections. 
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