The battle to save the Republic

Nevada and the massive election fraud evidence presented in the court hearing there Thursday may be headed to the state Supreme Court as soon as late Friday. 

Will Pennsylvania be joined by Nevada among others and reach SCOTUS?

It all weighs in the balance as the evidence continues piling up of election fraud and #SuitCaseGate out of Georgia explodes into the American consciousness

The Democrat globalist media and their allies are doing their utmost to suppress Suit Case Gate and the growing pile of election theft evidence exploding across battleground states. Expect more election contests to be filed in battleground states as the crescendo builds.

Can ChiCom Joe Biden, the beneficiary of multiple states shutting down Election Day eve and the secretly injected massive ballot fraud which followed is trying to literally limp across the finish line with a stolen election.

Can Ole ChiCom Joe make it before he awkwardly resigns to Kamala Harris and the election theft House of Cards implodes?

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