Nevada Court Hearing on Election Fraud – LIVE!

An evidentiary hearing in Nevada on the allegations of election fraud will be televised live. 

This is only the second US court to hear evidence with Arizona being the first. An Arizona court in hearing an initial election contest challenge sample votes and discovered problematic duplicates with ballots not tallied for President Trump and is further ordering a larger sample be examined.

The Arizona court order is the first major victory for the Trump campaign as the first election contests have been filed by the President’s legal team and may lead to statewide review of duplicate ballots and signature verification. If the initial sample proves similarly equal across the state, the slim lead to date for Joe Biden will be wiped out.

Evidence continues to mount with thousands of Americans testifying across the political spectrum under the penalty of perjury in unprecedented numbers to massive vote irregularities and election fraud in battleground states. 

In addition to damning statistical evidence of 100K+ ballot dumps in the dead of night across many battleground states, today’s hearing on election fraud in Georgia revealed actual video evidence of poll workers bringing out suitcases of ballots to load into tabulating machines after election monitors were deceived into leaving. A reported “broken pipe” as the excuse to get election monitors out of the counting area turned out to be a fabrication.

Late into the evening on Election Night, the election was stopped in battleground states, an unprecedented action in modern US election history. These actions were clearly orchestrated across multiple states by an unseen hand.

These dirty directed hands are clearly seen captured under the lights and the ballots handled in the questionable planted suitcases exceeds the difference in the election. 

That means Georgia’s election is fubar, all the fraudulent election efforts will be moot as the result must be tossed. 


Nevada Court Hearing on Election Fraud

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