Symbol of oppression: Election Theft, writ large

The matter of election theft is looming over the land like a specter…. the specter of… tyranny.

This political operation wasn’t an accident. It’s not a by-product of typical election fraud activities in the usual urban centers known for their systematic election corruption over millennia. 

The political operation seen on Election Night in battleground states was staged, a planned and executed operation beginning with an ELECTION STOPPAGE, never seen in modern US election history.

The question is not why it was coordinated in a stoppage and then ballot stuffing in statistical amounts completely outside the realm of the known universe but who, as a matter of course was coordinating and most importantly who directed it?

Which of course leads to this video excused by complicit criminals near and far and the thoroughly corrupted class of political operatives who hold positions in the globalist corporate media. 

Talking Ed Note: Do you think the “normals” are going to lay down, roll over and take it?
Do you think you will be immune and untouched by its effects?

Think again. Think long and hard.

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