Election Theft goes national

The magical Festivus miracle is continuing for ChiComJoe Biden and his ChiCom investors who pumped many millions of dollars into their compromised candidate and the Biden Crime Family.

Where’s Hunter?

Georgia saw another election challenge in federal court go down the tubes as the judge told Sidney Powell her case should have been filed in state court.

The effort to Stop the Steal goes on but the ChiComs and the ChiComDems are getting excited. 

Will they get away with the biggest Election Night steal of a national election in US history?

Here’s the actual evidence for the Suitcase Ballot Harvest in the dead of night when election monitors were shown the door under the guise of a phony water break. The pipe break was reported by the Democrat globalist media but it turned out to be a total fabrication and ruse to get observers out of the room so this coordinated steal could be completed.

One little error. Someone forgot to make sure a “camera malfunction” stopped the taping at the scene of the crime in State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Atlanta.

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