Survivor of Communism: Chose “American Freedom” over “Anarchy & Communism”

Back when Americans learned a little about the world, the Cold War raged on and painted a stark example of the differences between imperfect freedom under an American flag and the gray, atheist darkness of humanity under a tyrannical Soviet flag.

Today, all of this is lost as “Year One Woke” is everyday and the past is fluid, changeable as the “living” Constitution where core American freedoms are malleable under the power of the state.

Yesterday, one man who lived under both systems addressed the nation at the Republican National Convention. He told his story showing in stark contrast the differences between the two.

Here’s to this American story courtesy of Maximo Alvarez.


Meanwhile, another vision for America with a failed felony warrant delivered on an alleged perpetrator for sexual assault in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A video previously unseen shows Jacob Blake fighting with local police before being shot.
Last night, a small contingent of 125 National Guard were brought in but rioting ensued.

Antifa has reportedly arrived on the scene teaming up with BLM.

Related: New York City violence per the new “Defund (& Demoralize) the Police” promotion program:


This story dedicated to my friend ????

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