Voices heard, truth documented

Voices being heard.

Violence being documented.

Independent journalists are risking life and limb capturing live footage not the so-called journalists who have been giving support to “peaceful protestors” rioting from Portland to New York, Chicago to Seattle, and now Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Here, a man seen earlier voicing support to defend the community and local businesses reportedly shot a looter at a car shop and is later seen being chased by a mob.

He stumbles and falls down on the street. The mob descends and attempts to take his rifle before others overwhelm him on the ground. He recovers in the nick of time to fire in self-defense hitting at least one man who draws a pistol on approach. Here is the actual footage in slow motion.

See Brooklyn’s Libby Emmons at the Post Millenial for a full rundown on the Kenosha rioting:

Talking Ed Note: The corporate media and Fake News CNN is gettting wind from unstated internal polling their backing for the rioters is backfiring on their desired candidate for November.

This story dedicated to Antifa-BLM Burbank

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