Collapsed pandemic caseload undoes Ravi Bhalla and his “Army of Karens”

According to the fear porn pushed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his “Army of Karens,” a $250 fine for not wearing a face mask outdoors was in the interest of public health.

The elderly and those with underlying illness such as diabetes, respiratory impairment, obesity, etc. needed protection and face masks outdoors is a key requirement or so the argument goes.

There’s only one problem. There’s been a near zero caseload in Hoboken for more than a month.

Today Ravi Bhalla announced the following data from the City Hall Health Department since August 20th:

– additional cases of the Chinese Communist Party Virus reported: 2.

Statistically, the release states the Hoboken breakdown of 695 reported cases during the pandemic is highest among those aged 17-30 with 188 confirmed cases, 31-40 with 183 cases and children to age 16, nine cases.

In other words, a majority of cases are among the population least impacted by the virus. The risk grows substantially for the elderly and those with underlying illness where immune systems are compromised.

The pandemic is clearly passed in Hoboken and the region, witness the numbers demonstrating the historical attributes of how a virus blows through a population.

New Jersey reports two related deaths attributed to the CCP virus on August 23rd.

Talking Ed Note: Thankfully, the City Council refused to go along with the Ravi Bhalla money grab deploying his “Army of Karens” to issue $250 fines for people not wearing a face mask outdoors.

It’s clearly a massive overreach with the pandemic almost entirely ineffectual in this part of the country.
Florida, one of the remaining hot spots reports its cases and hospitalizations at their lowest in over two months with a statewide positivity rate at 5.2%.

Once the virus goes through its cycle, the herd immunity, naturalized at 50% according to some recent scientific accounts plus an infection rate in the double digits is achieved.

The lockdowns were ineffectual and counterproductive.

See also: Sweden.


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