Start your engines: BoE Ballot Lineups

Office of the Board Secretary, David Anthony

1115 Clinton Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
2010 Board of Education Election

The following is a list of the Ballot positions for the uncertified* candidates for the 2010 Hoboken Board of Education Election. If a candidate drops out of the election or is found ineligible, the below Ballot positions will not change.

*Certification of each candidate’s petition will include, but is not limited to verification of candidate, nominator and the petitioner’s residences and are registered voters along with any and all applicable laws and statutes.

Candidates for the (3) full 3 year terms:
1A Leon Gold
2A Irene Sobolov
3A John Madigan
4A Rose Marie Markle
5A Kathleen Tucker
6A Kyelia Colon
7A Perry Lin
8A Frank Raia
9A Patricia Waiters
10A Elizabeth Markevitch

Candidates for the (1) one year unexpired term:
1B Jean Marie Mitchell
2B John A. Forsman III
3B Ken Howitt
Talking Ed Notes: These ballot positions are sometimes made out to be more than people think until the votes start coming in and then all is forgotten.

At the same time, Leon Gold is certainly in a very favorable situation here with his strong slate horse next to him, Irene Sobolov.  That can’t really hurt.  And in the matchup of interest among some it’s Leon Gold and Frank Raia in a potential head to head of some speculation where a potential David faces off against Goliath.

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