Horse Sense: Man of the Hour

Today it’s expected some reporting data after the St. Patrick’s Day will be released showing some improvements perhaps significant from the prior year’s disaster.  The Jersey Journal released a story on one of the key areas MSV noted going in: the tallies at the local hospital.  The good news is there were no serious injuries and the ones more so were due to fighting.

It appears the town has put into place a plan that although not perfect certainly played a major role in things not getting completely out of hand.  And the best news is maybe the January St. Patrick’s Parade story may have given a jolt to enough folks to really do something.

Police Chief Falco is getting a lot of praise in many quarters and many ends of town.  Let’s see what comes in an official report but we’ll note there isn’t the sense of outrage that prevailed after last year’s parade.  If the word on the street is confirmed there will be a lot of credit to go around too: from the leadership of Chief Falco to Public Safety Director Angel Alicea, Mayor Zimmer and the City Council members who actively worked with implementing the changes leading into last weekend.  The local and additional police from surrounding areas will deserve their own separate praise for a job well done.

Frankly, it’s a relief things didn’t continue to escalate where it was heading.

Related: Claire Moses of reports more than a 25% drop in ambulance calls since last year.

Claire Moses strikes yet again on a meeting at the HHA with Chief Falco.  He’s already talking about doing it again next month.  This man is a real leader.

Photo: Police Chief Falco at the weekend inaugural of Mayor Dawn Zimmer last fall.
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