Kids First – Kicks off at Maxwell’s

Here’s Theresa Minutillo’s comments at the Kids First Kickoff at Maxwell’s yesterday afternoon.  The newest face on the three year candidate slate is Leon Gold who is also on the steering committee at Hoboken Revolt and spoke about his 30 years in education.

We’ll be hearing more from all the folks and slates in the future.  But for the moment’s here’s a glimpse of the event where there was plenty of local star power with Mayor Zimmer, Councilpersons: Carol Marsh, Dave Mello, Mike Lenz and also Freeholder Anthony Romano. In addition former fire chief Richard Tremetiedi showed up too.

Leon Gold takes the microphone

The Kids First Slate: (l) Irene Sobolov, Rose Marie Markle, Leon Gold and Jean Marie Mitchell.  Off right: Theresa Minutillo and Ruth McAllister.

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