Speaking into the bubble, 2021 is so woke!

 If you are not a Holocaust denier or an Election Fraud denier, it can be dangerous to step into the 2021 Woke Bubble.

Have no fear, Horsey is here.

There’s so many myths to puncture, it would take days to destroy them all even succinctly. To celebrate the New Year; we’re not celebrating because realism insists otherwise, let us begin with a salute to 2021.

How many of these myths, fabrications and flat out gaslighting did you bite on or swallow whole?

  • President Trump is an agent of and under the influence of Russia & Putin
  • HCQ is dangerous and ineffective against the Chinese Communist Party Virus
  • People in Florida defy science and most will be dead…. soon.
  • Schools are dangerous and children are dying all over from the CCP Virus
  • Open Borders is necessary even during a pandemic
  • There’s no evidence of widespread election fraud
  • Science says a facemask protects you and it protects me from the CCP Virus
  • Republicans who fight for election integrity are “arsonists” guilty of treason & sedition
  • Lockdowns started in Communist China are effective there and everywhere
  • A vaccine should be distributed based on eliminating “white privilege” first
  • Antifa is only an idea
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation
  • Wearing a mask between bites of food is helping stop the spread
  • President Trump broke the law asking for examination of irregularities in the Georgia election.
  • Joe Biden is right, the Chinese Communists are “good folks”
  • CNN, the NY Times, Amazon Post, NPR and MSNBC speak truth to power
  • The CCP Virus is naturally occurring
  • Deaths connected to the CCP Virus are accurate and 100% all Trump’s fault
  • This pandemic is like the 1918 pandemic
  • We’ve always been at war with Oceania
A yes to 10 or more entitles you to membership in the new Democrat Party.
12 or more affirmative answers means your membership to the CCP is approved
15 or more approvals and you are entitled to reparations from a group approved to hate, start with Christians. 
If you said yes to all of the above, you’ve scored a perfect score and win a free copy of Mao’s Little Red Book. 
Remember, 10% for the Big Guy. 

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