Grist for the Mill: Ravi Bhalla wants a job as a judge and Election Theft 2020 unravels

Special Grist for the Mill – Election Theft 2020 Edition

Ravi Bhalla who back in 2011 sought escape in a failed bid to the NJ Assembly from the City Council is pursuing a new avenue to get out of the Mile Square City.

He wants a judgeship. The pay of a New Jersey judge is far better than of Hoboken mayor, in the range of 175K or more and the two job gig moonlighting with a Republican law firm wasn’t cutting it. 

So as this election year begins and the revival of rampant voter fraud nationally paves the way for a big comeback locally, an exit visa with a far better paycheck than the reduced mayor’s gig for little more than 100K appears far more appealing.

It’s a far better option than resorting to a terror flyer. 

Yesterday, more voter irregularities across the board reappeared to the shock of no one as Georgia sees two likely Senate seats heading to the (D) column

It shouldn’t be surprising since the same bad election mechanism remained in place and none of the election irregularities were addressed. Which after Dekalb County, Georgia holding back its vote to only 42% when other counties across the entire state had mostly reported. It’s led led to this graphical allegation. Again?

After Michigan Senate candidate John James was thwarted seeing a sure victory depart in similar overnight vote spikes last November, the election “efforts’ are if contested almost complete.

A number of states having obtained only a limited cursory view of the massive election fraud and irregularities began trying to unwind state certifications. The globalist oligarch establishment and their media allies along with Big Tech are not feeling it.

They are feeling Election Theft 2020 and The Steal.

Legislatures in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia are reopening and trying to decertify with increasing evidence of massive election fraud  and irregularities on behalf of the compromised corrupt and mentally flailing Joe Biden. Efforts reaching out to seek additional time are being met with more doors shutting and zero transparency in DC today.

In Arizona, a subpoena to review election materials by the Senate Judiciary Committee has been met with obstinance by the state’s election supervisors and the issue is dragging out before a judge. 

In Pennsylvania, State Senate leaders sent a letter to DC asking for more time as hundreds of thousands of phantom and problematic ballots have surfaced in new statistical analysis

The Wisconsin legislature reconvenes with its legislature attempting to undo its problematic certification which the State Supreme Court agreed the law had not been followed. Absentee ballots in the many tens of thousands were created, collected and counted illegally with the problems of dead of night voter spikes seen in the dead of night on Election Day.

In Georgia, a judge will finally hold a hearing on upholding the state signature matching law in Fulton County. A secret illicit agreement between Governor Kemp, the Secretary of State and Stacey Abrams last March nullified the legally approved security standards. The nullification of basic election integrity lead to the outrageous outcome and scene taped in State Farm Arena where election monitors were shuffled out due to a fake pipe burst and ballots pulled out illegally tabulated in the tens of thousands.

Last night, more election monitors were illegally blocked in Fulton County, Georgia from observing absentee ballots. Why not? It’s worked like a charm from Detroit to Philadelphia and Atlanta. Who will stop them?

What all these states hold in common is the utter lack of transparency akin to banana republics where the election ballots and machines are blocked from any review or scrutiny. This on top of massive legal violations of state law against the US Constitution to create the exact chaos desired as Jimmy Carter warned with absentee ballot fraud in a 2005 Election Integrity Commission

Every institution is failing nationwide to address let alone examine any of it. Speech is being censored with Big Tech leading the way and cancel culture is the new wave of fascism blared out lovingly in Maoist proportion. 

The election box is blatantly vaporized into standards below Afghanistan and the globalist media glorifies it gaslighting over the airwaves any challenge is baseless and there is “no evidence.”

The courts time after time dismiss cases without examination of a single witness and block introduction of massive evidence showing widespread voter fraud. This is old hat here in the Soprano State.

The corruption is utterly depraved and close to complete. In this systematic destruction of the republic, Ravi Bhalla would make a super judge. It’s a perfect fit.

Election Theft 2020 for America, the former home of the brave and land of the free is not. Well, as for the revolution, it’s mostly peaceful. 

Related: More illegal action in Georgia this past week. Under Georgia law, it’s illegal to prevent election monitors. Once again, they did it to no consequence although as indicated here, a judge reportedly was very displeased an order signed by the court was required to do so. But, they broke that court order too.

Grist for the Mill is MSV’s rumor column but its success makes it the most popular column in all the Mile Square City.  

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