President Trump on Georgia’s 2020 election results: “We just want the truth”

The demands for any transparency in the attempted Election Theft 2020 is continuing as the efforts to count out the clock is obvious with the Orwellian doublespeak.

A demand for simple transparency and even cursory evaluation of public materials in the election is disparaged as “sedition” and “treason” as desperate shrill voices rise to shut down the easily seen spillage of massive, organized election fraud in battleground states.

On an almost daily basis, more evidence pours fourth. Efforts show the Deep State is working overtime as the outsider in President Donald Trump who has made an entire generation of the political class look inept, corrupt and worse, in bed with the Chinese Communist Party to the detriment of America and its citizens approaches a frenzied pitch.

January 6th is scheduled as a certification of the 2020 election but an uprising from the bottom up is pushing back hard against the political class and the globalist Democrat political operative media to see them shut up and shut down American resistance. At least a million supporters of President Trump are going to DC on Wednesday.

Not since 1876 has there been a bottom up American rebellion like this against election fraud nationally. There are to date, well over 160 elected officials in the House of Representatives prepared to object to the November election and the bonafide evidence of election fraud on a massive scale impacting the outcome.

In the US Senate, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is now joined by another dozen of his colleagues who will contest the results in at least six of the battleground states.

This is not the orchestra music scheduled for a sickly, mentally declining corrupt politician’s coronation.

Over the weekend, President Trump held a conference call with election officials in Georgia. He demanded “the truth” which led to his specific categorization of rampant election fraud during that state election with specificity never admitted to by the globalist anti-populist media. 

Four minutes of a heavily edited hour plus conference call with staffers and lawyers on both sides was leaked to the Amazon Post and as expected, woven into a narrative, the opposite of the truth sought. This surprises of course no one as many people are not accepting but demanding they get their full Orwellian inverted reality.

To questions by President Trump on the shocking video of tens of thousands of ballots taken out of hiding from underneath covered tables and run through the tabulation machines illegally without election monitors present at State Farm Arena, Brad Raffensberger offered nothing but a feeble response it wasn’t true.

Last week, when eight Georgia counties stated they could not certify election results, the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger pressured them to sign off but one brave woman in one county flatly refused. A Georgia court delayed today’s scheduled hearing on examining the ballots in Fulton County which includes Atlanta after a Senate hearing last week heard substantial evidence of election fraud over the course of an entire day.

None of this straightforward information is made available to the public. The opposite is stated as fact.

Of course, reality is inverted and President Trump’s call for the truth is twisted into his seeking falsification of votes. The full transcript and audio is now published proving yet again, there’s lies and then there’s the Big Lie technique deployed once again at the public, over and over again.

The election map with the states contested due to significant election fraud outstanding:

None of the contested state actions took place in a vacuum. Over months a plan to undermine the election rules as mandated under the Constitution and set by state legislatures went into action. Some were pushed by a DC law firm connected to Hillary Clinton in 2016 laundering millions toward the Russia Collusion Hoax operation and others combined under the guise of the Chinese Communist Party Virus. None of it is lawful.

In Wisconsin last month, its Supreme Court would admit the application of questionable absentee ballots numbering in the tens of thousands or more was in fact illegal under the law. Separately, it declined to offer relief in the presidential election on the very same day it issued both rulings.

With the legal establishment providing cover under procedural grounds in case after case, evidence on the merits is not being heard. In Georgia, an election contest filed by the Trump campaign requires action within 20 days. The state has not even assigned a judge to the case. Not.An.Accident.

Talking Ed Note: The transcript and audio of the teams in Georgia on the conference call with President Trump is available in full here. Hear the actual truth for yourself and the listings of exact votes by category of election fraud by President Trump himself.

The new House of Representatives is off in 2021 after narrowly installing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. With the rising crescendo of election fraud revelations, Pelosi and her colleagues have as their first act, publicly banned the new Congress from using the following words: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law or words indicative suggesting biological sex.

Welcome to 2021. You are now reaching peak Orwell with your approved Democrat Party NewSpeak.

And with all this, they wonder why the American people are rising up and don’t trust them.

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